Saturday, February 21, 2009

Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

YES! Absolutely! And this is the message us Tech Savvy Business People must help spread. If people are PASSIONATE about something they believe in, they will begin to build a following and over-time it will help them create a sustainable income. People cannot rely on government anymore- we rely on ourselves. Nobody in my network of followers are looking to get rich (except for the greedy politicians and scam artists- whose true faces will show online) and people must learn to understand there is no such thing as a quick buck. There is no get rich quick scheme they can use online to make millions. It comes down to building relationships and we must get back to basis to bring our country out of this state it is in. The key solution to this problem is educating people on the power of twitter and how to use twitter for business and personal branding.

Social Networking San Diego is starting to help local businesses design an internet marketing strategy or inbound marketing strategy that is scalable over time and uses the internet to properly build relationships with customers, vendors, partners, etc. Please help spread the word- thanks
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